Why Chinese are supporting Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Ironically, China deems Japanese evil for Japanese invasion of China, but victim-shames Ukraine.

https://theconversation.com/ukraine-invasion-why-china-is-more-likely-to-support-russia-than-in-the-past-177854, https://www.politico.com/news/2022/02/26/china-sees-strategic-advantage-in-russias-ukraine-invasion-00012032

They are many articles discussing why Chinese government supports Russia, but they are often in national strategy level. The connotation is that Chinese people are not necessarily a fan of war. Let me show you how very wrong you are 🙂 if this is what you believe.

Russia’s Invasion

RUSSIA INVADED UKRAINE on a full scale at 2022.


Putin invaded Ukraine on a full scale - a neighbouring sovereign nation, after seizing and annexing Ukraine's region Crimea and backing regional war in Donbas, in the past 8 years(starting 2014). When addressing in a national television speech, Putin claimed minority Russians in Ukraine have been persecuted and "subject to genocide", therefore Ukraine needs to be de-nazified and de-militarised.

Why the invasion

For Japanese-Sino war, the deciding factors behind Japan’s invasion is in fact the expansions of its ambitions and the unmatched resources it has to support the dreams of an Empire.

Similarly, albeit the claims made by Putin, when it comes to truce deal negotiations, what Putin really wants is for Ukraine to stay out of NATO — so that he can continue to claim more lands. Based on the way he handled Crimea, and his irredentist views, he basically treats Ukraine as part of Russia Empire since the beginning. He said so himself and seemed to desperately want to relive the Empire dreams.


Ukraine was beaten up pretty bad at the beginning, which is expected. Troops were mobilised and sent in right after Putin addressed in national TV. It didn’t leave Ukraine troops much leeway. Like what Putin has urged in his speech:

Walk away and live or resist and die.

To a lot of people’s surprise, even to Putin’s maybe, Ukrainians resist, and resist hard, including the “actor” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whom Putin looked down upon. They are an integral whole, unified.

After 7 months of relentless resistance, not long ago, Ukraine fought back and liberated the seized lands from invaders. It maybe too early to say that they have won the war but its not impossible as long as they persevere and get constant support from the world.

War behind war

Ukrainians and Russians are having a war. And rest of the world are having another kind of war — about information, believes and values.

The World

The world stood up against Russia's invasion and showed support in whatever way they can.

US leads sanctions against Russia. Corporations gave up on Russian market. Demonstrations and protests world wide. News and medias uproar. Even coding community, the most unbothered group of people flag "support Ukraine" on their websites - Major tech service providers such as Github, suspend Russian developers and companies' accounts.

And for the first time, Russian's energy couldn't hold Germany and other European countries hostage no more.

The world is saying no to Russia, even though it's at a cost.


On the other side of this war, against all the other countries, is China.

CCP' pretended to be impartial about this initially. They disproved of the invasion but refused to openly oppose or condemn.

UN votes to condemn Russian invasion of Ukraine, but China again stays silent

Western politicians naively think to themselves: “Beijing just needs a nudge. Chinese have been through invasion themselves before, they know better and will come around to join the Justice League.” But soon CCP's state media blew its cover.

In contrary to west media cover on the war, Chinese media has tried everything they could to avoid even using "invasion" in their stories. Instead, Ukraine War” and “Russia-Ukraine Conflicts” are official terms dictated by State's Central Publicity Department( or “the Ministry of Truth” for you to have a better understanding of what it does) . Any other word is strictly forbidden 🚫.

Chinese new agency

Those stories are full of twisted lies. They dressed up Putin as a peace lover, and Ukraine president a puppet manipulated by the West.

Ironically, the only "invasion" + "Russia" reference found on the Chinese internet goes to an old story piece one WEEK before the invasion - That story says Russia criticised that the West is spreading rumours about Russia invasion of Ukraine and it is a "Information terrorism".

China Sina news
China Sina news

After the invasion did happen, it becomes just too awkward for CCP and the Chinese state media, that they have to do something to prove they are not wrong. For example, dressing the invasion as a mere response, to NATO’s military threat at Russian’s doorstep.

Honestly, Chinese medias are doing a way better job than their Russian counterparts in defending Russia.

China News — China’s second largest state news agency — slamming NATO to be the culprit behind everything

Large amount of “Reviewer” Articles were published in Chinese news and social media platforms, pointing out that the culprit behind the war is NATO. As usual, CCP is quite successful in manipulating people’s minds because they mute any other different voice.

Chinese people

Despite the similarities shared between Russian invasion of Ukraine and Japanese invasion of China, Chinese people genuinely believe that Russia is justified to invade Ukraine and they strongly believe that it’s best for Ukraine people to just surrender and the only reason that they didn’t, is not because they didn’t want to, but because US wouldn’t allow them to. The dead Russian soldiers sacrifice themselves for a great cause blablabla.

Chinese social media screenshot — translated by The Great Translation Movement

Chinese people, why?

I ask myself why rationality is nullified in China: Japan invaded - they are bad people. Russia invaded - they have no choice.

Worship Power

Let’s put the great propaganda success of Chinese government aside for a minute.

Chinese people have this weird complex — they are fundamentally admiring power, even though they are the greatest victims under this extreme power structure themselves and are at the bottom of the whole power hierarchy of Chinese society.

Chairman Mao, the biggest killer in human history who can shame Hitler in body counts, is still worshiped and greatly missed by majority Chinese people. Even when CCP makes an official statement that Mao has 30% merits but 70% at fault for the disasters and chaos of China in his ruling, people refuse to believe, many of who are the direct descendants of the people who suffered a great deal in Mao’s movements, — One of them, is today’s Chinese President, Xi Jinping( aka, Xilter).

unknown source (sorry i couldn’t find the source) but if you have doubts read this article: https://www.jcpe.tv/top-ten-most-evil-dictators-of-all-time-in-order-of-kill-count/

So this should come with no surprise for you, my dear readers, that Chinese naturally have a thing for Putin — look at him, too hard to resist.

A famous grizzly (in fact a horse) riding Putin photo (PSed) on the internet for a laugh but many Chinese believe its true — it was quite a phenomenon in Chinese internet at the time

More tough with the West, more cold blooded towards the common people, the more popular Putin is among Chinese.

For all this while, Chinese believe Russia is rising again because of Putin. And they hate it that how come Chinese are not worthy of such a tough leader, until Xilter comes into the picture — who is leading China to stand up against the evil West and help convince the West to remove the “developing country” title of China, along with all the favours and preferential treatment in tradings and other aspects as a developing nation, great job! (- sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for.)


Fact is CCP China has always been a child to Soviet — who is the real founder of the new China — the First government CCP established, is called Chinese Soviet Republic, in Jiang Xi Province in 1931 — the history CCP can never deny. That is 18 years earlier than PRC. They considered themselves a proud branch derived from Soviet.

Many years later, after Soviet Union collapsed, inevitably, CCP and Chinese people project their emotional attachment and affection from Soviet to Russia. Even though many things happened between these 2 nations, this attachment seems to be always there, like an Attachment of an already independent Adult to the Mom.

When I was a school kid, in my political science subject textbook, this fixed order is sacred: “Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism,…”.

This emotional attachment is nowadays subtle but deadly — even Chinese people themselves are not aware of it. They are so used to falling slavery to it. It makes another footnote of why Chinese are Russia’s firmest supporters.

Don’t believe me? Check it out — “ to defend Russia is to defend our great motherland”:


Chinese Propaganda

Last, and the least, is the manipulation of the facts. But lies are lies and the logics in them are scarce. People who have rational, logical and critical thinking should easily spot the discrepancies.

Having shown you all the twisted versions of the stories, Chinese people in fact like what they see and hear. Even when there are some pieces of true news out there, they hand picked the lies to reinforce their ideas. So I can say this: Chinese government and the state media are only doing Chinese people a favour by giving them the censored Chinese version of news.

You know, too much truth could cause cognitive dissonance and affect health. Chinese people should be grateful that their mental health is being taken good care of by CCP, just like their physical health in covid situation.

Too bad that MAGAs don’t get to enjoy this kind of thoughtful care from all US medias ( some are still leaking truth, damn!) .


Once again, I’m here to correct the myth, to point out that, again, Chinese people are not victims of Chinese government. Chinese are the firm supporters of Russia — for a number of reasons. They stand side by side with the CCP government and Russian government on this.

Don’t be silly.

If they are the peace lovers like they claimed, how the hell did they get 56 minority ethnic groups?

God bless us all.

Oh, almost forgot, happy National Day, China and the people! 🙂

A mock exam: Citizen have the right to strike — is wrong, citizens are Country’s masters. Masters won’t strike. 👏




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