Huawei princess Meng Wanzhou back to China as a national hero

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4 min readSep 26, 2021


She returned as a hero?

Meng Wanzhou - CFO of Huawei and first daughter of CEO Mr Ren Zhengfei has pleaded NOT guilty after making deal with the US that includes admitting wrongdoing in the business dealings.

What US could not predict even in the wildest dreams is that the move to detain Meng Wanzhou turns her into a national hero, and the very release of her symbolises the total ultimate omni 360 degree victory of China over the US, in every domain of every level, from values to ideology, from means to just.

Media cover

However far fetched it may sound, this is how most Chinese interpret it. One of the many reasons is the obvious divide of China from outside world by the greatest wall. Just look at the titles of western media and those of Chinese counterparts.

  • CNN - "Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou reaches agreement with US to resolve fraud charges",
  • Reuters - "Huawei CFO leaves Canada after U.S. agreement on fraud charges, detained Canadians head home"


  • People's Daily English version "Meng Wanzhou pleads not guilty, reaching agreement with U.S. prosecutors"
  • People's Daily Chinese version "Meng Wanzhou comes back: no power can stop China's steps (forward)"

China state media news conveniently conceal the facts that the deal is to "defer prosecutions", "admit to wrongdoing", "cooperation", "charges could drop after dec 2022". The focus was on how much of a victory it represents. The Great Wall makes this kind of news possible.


The night Meng arrived at the Chinese airport. She was greeted by tens of thousands of citizens, medias and we-medias. People in tears. Her husband shouted across in crowd "I love you". The national TV channel CCTV broadcast the arrival live. It was a national frenzy. Nationalism and patriotism peaked.

As a Chinese, I find it kinda hard to understand and impossible to resonate. I'm wondering how many are calm deep inside but faked and played along. I don't have to as I have migrated. But not so easy for Chinese Chinese when they still stay in the system.

Did they fake it?

If they are genuinely touched, and worshiped Ms Meng from the bottom of their hearts, I would admire their selflessness. It is however not a rare quality in collectivist society, that promotes, advocates, exercises and compels collectivism, where individual doesn't matter and therefore can stop existing under certain circumstances for the greater good. These individuals, who could very well have lost their jobs in covid epidemic, whose annual salary couldn't get them a pair of shoes Ms Meng casually wears, whose entire life saving couldn't allow them to own a 2 room flat in the city where they work, let alone two mansion houses Ms Meng (in fact her husband) owns in just Canada, regard Ms Meng's detention in Canada a great personal sacrifice, a kind of heroism, that she suffered for all Chinese people against evil, rogue Western powers.

What is it really about?

Personally I don't deny it appears Ms Meng's been singled out and picked on by the US because of her identity and what she represents at that particular time. There may be questionable non-disclosure in her business dealings. But whether this "wrongdoing" measures up to a "fraud" is hard to prove. And US knows it. Canada knows it too so it is reluctant in this extradition case from beginning to end although it may be very well within its extradition law framework with the US.

US has been always firm about its punishment on whoever breaches its sanctions against Iran.

Fines for banks that breached US sanctions — Refinitiv › en_us › infographics

It never goes soft, even on allies (such as British Banks like standard chartered), especially on allies...

US might have been thrilled when they found the link to Huawei as they scrutinised HSBC for dealings with Iran. Such a serendipity. Perfect 1 stone hit 2 birds trick. We don't know if Trump inspired or approved the Justice Department of the arrest but he didn't bother to hide the intention to use it as a bargaining chip on the trading negotiation table as he told the press " I would interfere this case if it does US good, but China hasn't called me." That's where he overlooked or under-estimated the "collectivism" spirits. China government couldn't care less about her. So did Chinese people at that point of time.

The End

Somehow the case continued to brew after the arrest and changed the course as the trade war intensified, Trump bid farewell, and Biden still bewildered. So Ms Meng, is like David, defeat Goliath and is welcomed home by her people. What has US gained? Absolutely nothing and worse: millions of prosecution fees at taxpayers’ expense…



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