#iOS development 100 days : Day 1

This is not the day 1 of me diving into iOS development. This is definitely not day 1 of me even starting to think about diving into it.

But this is the day 1 I finally decided to record something about it. After 60 days into my Udemy iOS13 course. I’m completely new in Medium so I’m not getting paid by Udemy or anyone. But the fact that I don’t get paid to tell you how useful this iOS 13 / Swift 5 course taught by Angela Yu, should be trustworthy. Trust me. Secretly, I get nothing to lose, but a head start to gain, if nobody bothers.

The decision process between you start thinking about something, and you finally set out for it, I’d assume, varies for different people. It took me much longer than 60 days, or 100 days. it was 2 years. If I’d start earlier, I would have been an expert by now (if I get to use it everyday after I learn it).

That just tells us why sometimes our thinking and all-well-thought-out thinking pattern are not a manifestation of how intelligent a person we are, but how hesitant and cowardly we are, when faced with non-life-threatening situation. Funny thing is, when life-threatening situation arises, decision made easy, in a split of a second, or less.

Whats the worst that could happen if I "chose" the wrong thing to learn? Quit in the middle and end up wasting my time, energy and money? Even so, I'd think it should be much quicker than 2 years before I "realise" this ain't for me (well, if I'm bright enough to understand coding, what could stop me from figuring out a rather logical outcome.)

Having said that, at this very moment, I feel lucky and glad that I'm here at module 15. I was dragging in the first month, completed only 5 or 6 modules. 2nd month, I rode the rocket and finished 9 modules with each module taking much more time than the previous one.

yeah, close to half...

It is a chat app module. I get to know a new cloud database developed by google, called firebase, neat, simple and the GUIDE IS GREAT!

Alright, until day 2.



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