As a Chinese, I am telling you Chinese threat to the world order is very real

Phew, finally got it out of my chest

Chinese flushed github react page with bug submissions because react declares support on Ukraine

Let’s cut to the chase. There is huge division between how Chinese people (including Chinese government) view themselves, and how the rest of the world view them.

How Chinese think of themselves

In that sense, Chinese are pretty much collectively delusional. They take huge, I mean humungous ( the way you can’t imagine) pride in how much progress China has made over the decades. The credits go to these hardworking, smart, and peace loving Chinese people and CCP’s great stewardship. They think the whole world must have admired their great achievements.

How rest of the world think of Chinese

At first

On the contrary, the rest of the world pity them, or used to, at first. The rest of the world used to empathise and feel for the people who are under the totalitarian ruling. Chinese people were portrayed as victims of brainwashing and oppression by the CCP government.

Things change

But this impression has been changed quite dramatically over the recent years.

It may start from the trade war brought by Trump administration. Everything was intensified during that period. Instead of making efforts for negotiation and talks at the table, Chinese government is playing a trick which they are always best at, only this time it didn’t work as much as when they used it domestically.

Background Info

This trick is called war of people. Years of brainwashing and fooling has been put to test and the result shows absolute success (which in turn reinforces this practise):

Step 1:

CCP orders the state media agencies to write stories of how the West oppresses China, becomes envious of our achievements and sees China’s rising as a great threat to their own prosperity. We as a nation must not forget the pain and the shame brought by the West 100 years ago. And they are our enemies.


Government hire writers to post comments below those stories on Chinese social media and those comments go like:

- “The West wants China to doom, and we should support our country and government and continue to rise. Show the world our strength and earn the respect we deserve. “(whenever Chinese minister of Foreign Affairs was asked about China’s progress in human rights and other social issues by the foreign reporters in press conference)

- “Personal sacrifice is necessary for the whole nation to progress. These people shouldn’t feed the West media the negative stories that happen to only them. These are isolated cases and didn’t happen to most of us. So these people who think they have unfair treatment should reflect themselves and think hard what they have done wrong to get themselves in trouble” ( comment on hot social issues)

- “People who expose negative sides to the West media are the traitors. They are the western dogs and should be deported” ( Wu Han Diary by Ms Fang Fang)

Step 3:

Stir the shit further. Keep people’s comments that are in favour of them and delete those that hold opposite opinions. Or sit and watch nationalists and “patriots” slaughter liberals on the internet.

This trick (or rather the whole set) is proven brilliantly effective to make domestic issues go away and turn public empathy from its own people to its nation:

nothing is worthy of our attention when we are faced with the nation’s fate. Individual suffering is just too trivial.

The brilliance is government need not worry about dealing with the different opinions — for it turns its people against their own.

Blew it

Hard to teach the dog new tricks. When failing at the trade war ( in fact no one wins, I will probably talk about the Trump mistakes in the next article), in order to dodge criticism, or being seen as weak or incompetent in its leadership, CCP is now encouraging People’s war to go abroad. Taiwan we-media called it Crusade.

Government hired writers (pardon me, only recently I found the correct English terms should be "Government established troll farms and hired shills", nice..) and some tech savvy volunteer Chinese are using VPN to go to foreign social media to make a big Hu-ha about the unfair treatment China received from the US on the trade, and the bans the US imposed on the One mega successful Chinese tech giant — Hua Wei (or TikTok later on) out of pure jealousy. These internet water(troll) army flushes the platforms with their unhappiness.

CCP’s intentions were to divert people’s attention and to show the West the power of its people: You do not want to mess with a nation that has hundreds of millions of netizens.

But it did quite the opposite. Upon seeing the comments, those naive westerners who were skeptical about Chinese’ threat theory is now waking up to the reality and convinced, that: Chinese are losing their minds.

Chinese think the whole world are against them, and try to hold china back. They celebrate every time a US gun crime happens and take every opportunity to mock at the West democracy. They brag about china’s success and think china is now second to none and should take back what they deserve no matter what that is, pride, dignity, respect, status, glory, and unlimited carbon emission 😂.

Hit the bottom

Thanks to the “people’ movement” abroad, while majority of Chinese are still locked out of the world’s internet, they do not have a slightest clue that the world has changed their opinions on Chinese people 180 degrees.

A series of events that followed certainly did not help but instead push the situation to the cliff.

Covid pushes Chinese further away from the world

Whole world were angry at the Chinese government for they covered up the truth and people suffer.
Chinese people are angry at the west for they discriminate the Chinese, call the virus “wuhan virus” and tried to frame china for spreading it (well, they are not entirely wrong about that).

This is where things go sideways: Chinese start to gloat about how incompetent the west government is in containing the pandemic. They call Chinese’s Zero policy as the only standard answer and make fun of huge number of deaths in India and in the US, and joke:

here is the cheat sheet (Chinese zero policy), yet the westerners are too dumb to even copy and paste”.

Even I, as a Chinese, feel outrageous hearing this.

Hong Kong’s protest and national security law

Since the announcement of national security law and formation of new council and election committee, the dust seems to set and the fate of Hong Kong seems sealed. The purging still goes on though, monitoring, capturing, and prosecuting — and It has become an everyday norm, just like the mainland China. Chinese’ people’s indifference to this matter, conveys a very clear yet awful message to the liberal world, that is: Chinese do not need liberation; equality, justice, freedom, democracy is at the bottom of their list — if they even make it to the list.

Ukraine war

How Chinese respond to the Russian’s invasion to Ukraine took the world by surprise again. Chinese without hesitation took side with Russia (who has seized more Chinese lands than all of the others combined in Chinese history) simply because enemy of the enemy(US) is the friend. And also, it takes a communism/totalitarian to understand another communism/totalitarian.

Even, to rationalise and justify where they stand, Chinese wholeheartedly welcome and embrace the ideas slipped in their brains by the Chinese government( that Ukraines has brought the war upon themselves and they totally deserve it/see it coming. They shouldn’t intimidate Russia by wanting to join Nato. And it is completely righteous and just for Russia to take actions when their national security is on the line blablablablablabla


Let’s just say most Chinese wouldn’t oppose to the idea to take back Taiwan by military force.

So well done, Chinese has successfully shown the world that they can’t care less about

- people who die of diseases in other parts of the world,
- their own fellows who were deprived of their civil liberties (can’t blame the Chinese as most of them don’t even know what are the five civil liberties).
- innocent people who got invaded and bombed and killed, exactly like Chinese by Japanese 90 years ago.
- sending their own people to die killing other Chinese

Deluded, indifferent, being completely unable to empathise and relate, emotionally cut-off, showing no remorse, all the traits you could think of , that a typical sociopath serial killer could have (except for the killing part)— Chinese have demonstrated them, repeatedly, without fail.

You may argue, they are the victims themselves, many years of lies tube-feeding into their brains has crippled(actually the right word here is paralysed) their logical thinking. I agree. But that doesn’t change who they are now — it is just too late, it is a done deal.

Are you expecting these group of people to respect the world order and play the game fair and square? As a Chinese, I’m telling you, no way.

At the end

Thanks to the reporters, analysts, scholars, Chinese liberals who fleet out of china and reside overseas, the Great Translation Movement on twitter (, and let’s no forget the Chinese people who risk 2000–5000 RMB fines to climb over Chinese Great Firewall to help their nation and CCP to make a firm stand on twitter, now more and more people around the world know what is really going on in Chinese people’s minds and how little they agree with the common values of humanity. Sometimes, it’s really hard to say, whether the people makes the regime or the regime makes its people.

My observations: they perfectly complement each other in China.

Nonetheless, delusion is not a privilege to only Chinese people; John Mearsheimer has written a book ‘The Great Delusion” to criticise how Americans want to be the white knight in shining armor to set the world free has been detached from the Reality. This unrealistic dream may very well pose a danger to the world. But then, I’d leave it to the Americans to analyse their problems.



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